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Benefits of Sensory Play

Benefits of Sensory Play

If you’ve ever wondered just how good trampoline play can be for yourself and your family, then you’re going to enjoy the articles we’ve found for you. The act of jumping and frolicking on a trampoline will create happy sensory impressions to last a lifetime. Sensory experiences will help to develop a myriad of other skills and encourage growth in areas that may surprise you. Enjoy the following articles and start building your wealth of sensory experiences with your family today.

Motor Skills

In this article, Developing and Cultivating Sills through Sensory Play by Danielle Steinberg for, we learn that sensory experiences will help you and your family grow in ways you probably never thought of. One of the areas that sensory play helps to develop is motor skills. Both fine and gross motor skills will be developed when children are actively involved in play. As a child develops, exposing them to more challenging physical activities will help them to master their gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Everything from tying their shoes to running or jumping on a trampoline will all be great sensory learning tools. Read the full article here to find out all the great ways to help your child grow and develop using sensory play.


When you’re child’s play time involves the senses, it’s called sensory play and according to this article by Ruthie for, sensory play is vital to help a child learn on every level. While it seems like sensory play would only assist the child’s growth and development for the specific activity that’s being engaged in, it turns out that sensory play helps a child to grow and develop in every area at the same time. When children experiment with play that engages their senses, they discover the joy of being in control of something and that helps them in their confidence building and decision making. Engaging in sensory play with other children helps them to learn how to maneuver in their social groups and get along with others. Find out all the ways that sensory play can be helpful by reading the full article here.

Language Skills

In this article by Amanda Morin, How Sensory Play Helps Your Child Learn, posted on, she explains how sensory play helps your child to communicate better. Allowing them to experiment with different textures, tastes, and types of physical play helps them to discover new ways of describing situations and new ways of talking about their surroundings and events going on in their lives. There are a myriad of ways that sensory play can help your child grow and learn better how to express themselves. Read the full article here.

Examples of Sensory Play Activities

In this article posted on about why messy sensory play is important, they give you a whole host of great sensory play games to enjoy with your kids. From tactile sensory games like playing with gloop, to visual sensory games you can make yourself out of rice a bit of food coloring, to a combination game that includes all the senses to play at Easter time, this article will get you and your children started on some great sensory play fun. Read the full article here. 

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