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DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

1. Our 65 Favorite Handmade Holiday Decorating Ideas

If you love making your holiday gifts and decorations, then you’ll really love this article by Kayla Kitts and H. Camille Smith written for In it, they give you some wonderful ways you can use your crafting skills to decorate your home this holiday season. From super fun stockings, to creative tree skirts, to a whole bunch of ways to use wreathes, this wonderfully fun article will fill you with ideas on how to incorporate all these lovely decorations in your home. The expertly photographed decorations are accompanied by detailed explanations that show you exactly how to make all of these lovely crafts. For all the details, read the full article here.

2. 31 Wonderful DIY Christmas Decorations brings us this awesome article on how to create thirty one different and fabulous Christmas decorations for yourself or your friends and family, this year. From making your own snow globes using recycled jars, to creating snowmen from your burnt out light bulbs and much more, you’ll find fabulous photographs and detailed descriptions for each project. Create your holiday decorations this year using items you might normally throw away and give the gift of beauty to your family while also giving the gift of recycling to the environment. For all the great ideas, read the full article here.

3. 10 DIY Holiday and Christmas Decorations

If you’re looking for some family fun ideas for crafting this holiday season, then you’ll want to check out this article on for some awesome inspiration. With gorgeous photographs to show us the finished product and plenty of detailed advice for achieving the look, this article takes a new look at uses for familiar items. From finding great new ways to decorate your banister and mantle, to using those lovely ornaments in a new way, you’ll get plenty of great ideas to help you spend some quality time with your family, and create lots of new holiday memories. For all the fun details, read the full article here.

4. 34 Creative DIY Christmas Ornaments

Get yourself and your family into the spirit of Christmas by making your own beautiful ornaments. In this article, Emily Co, author for, gives us so many choices of beautiful ornaments to make, you may decide to make extra and give them as gifts. From the traditional salt paste ornaments to painted glass balls, to gorgeously encrusted wonders that you can enrich with old family bits of things, there’s no end to the lovely things you can create when you put your imagination, and the ideas in this article to work. Get your creative juices flowing by reading the full article here.

5. 24 Cheap Christmas Decorations You Can Make Yourself

The editors at Readers Digest have come up with some awesome ideas for creating your own Christmas decorations and have delivered them here for you at From old family favorites like the Reader’s Digest magazine Christmas tree, to fun candy cane vases and wonderful homemade advent calendars that can have your favorite surprises, you won’t lack for great ideas after seeing the wonderful photographs and detailed descriptions on how to create this holiday fun. Read the full article here. 

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