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Easy Lunch Options Kids Will Love

Easy Lunch Options Kids Will Love

25 Quick & Easy School Lunches to Pack for Your Kids

Do your kids have a tough time deciding what kind of sandwich they want for lunch? If so, then the Arnold Palmer sandwich featured in this article by Teri Tseng Barrett for, might be just the thing. Rather than trying to decide between tuna and egg salad, give them half a sandwich of each. The article has a whole slew of fabulous lunch options that are easy to make and delicious, as well as easily storable until lunch time. Are you kids not into sandwiches? That’s ok, how about a fabulous BLTA wrap? What’s that, you ask? A fabulous healthy wrap in a whole wheat tortilla that includes, bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado! If your finicky eater thinks that just won’t do, then you might want to try an easy Italian hero. There’s so many things to choose from in this article, you’re bound to find some options your kids will love. Check out all the amazing recipes by reading the full article here.

Superfast Kid-Friendly Recipes

If your kids love pizza, but you’d love to find a healthier option of their favorite food, then this article posted on, is going to be right up your alley. These easy to make kid friendly recipes are going to make both you and your kids happy, and make you feel good that they are getting something healthy. The pizza on a mini bagel option is a great one and allows you to give each child their favorite toppings while making it super easy on you. Want to get them eating more veggies? It’s typically much easier to get a kid to eat vegetables if you make them in a way that includes a tasty and healthy dipping sauce. Adding a creamy ranch style dip to some cleaned and cut up vegetables doesn’t take much time and makes lunch time a fun tasty treat for the kids. Want to send something hot on those cold winter days? Try creamy tomato basil soup with some crunchy cheese bread on the side. Just because they’re young doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate something tasty. Let’s face it, only you need to know how healthy it is. Get these recipes and a lot more when you read the full article here.

Kid-Approved Lunches

From turning any sandwich into shapes that are just more fun to eat, to sending healthy versions of your kids’ favorite foods without them knowing the difference, this article posted on, is loaded with ideas on great kid approved lunches that will make mom and dad happy too. While most children love chicken nuggets, parents are often less enthused because to us they look like mystery meat wrapped in bread and deep fried. Let’s face it, nothing about that sounds even remotely healthy. However, there’s more than one way to make a chicken nugget, and this article has a great recipe for making your own. Once they are cooked, they are easy to freeze and then take out to use as you need to. You’ll find scads of fabulous recipes by reading the full article here.

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