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Easy Ways to Plan a Family Camping Trip

Easy Ways to Plan a Family Camping Trip

As the warmer weather approaches, outdoor adventures and vacations will be all the rage for families all around the country. Whether you have a big family or a small family, there are a lot of things to plan for when setting out on a camping trip. From food, shelter, and any luxuries you want to take with you, checking everything off the list is the key to a successful camping trip. If you are heading out on a camping trip this summer, make sure you get all of these necessities in order to have the best trip possible.

If you are going tent camping this summer, the first thing you need to make sure you have is a quality tent that will be able to accommodate everyone coming on the trip. These days, you can invest in some high quality tents that have separate sleeping quarters for everyone so you can still keep some sense of privacy on the trip. If you want to save a little money however, you will be able to get by with a tent that fits everyone into a larger group space, depending on the amount of people you have going on the trip.

In terms of food, proper packing and having the right kind of food on the trip is key to making it last and making it enjoyable. If you are going to a campsite where you can drive your car to it and set up the tent right outside, this is a great time to take advantage of some sort of cooler or ice box where you can keep some refrigerated food with you. If you are going for a backpacking camping trip however, you will need to pack non perishable items that don't need cooling. Beef jerky is truly your best friend on these trips.

Another important thing to account for is what kind of storage space you will have or need for the camping trip. If you are going to a campsite, your tent, or if your car is somewhat nearby, are both perfect places to store things when you happen to be away from them. If it takes a significant hike to get to your camping location however, packing light on clothes and other necessities will make your life easier as you can use your tent as a storage spot.

What are the necessities for you when you embark on a camping trip? What is your preferred method of camping? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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