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Easy Workout Routines for Busy Moms

Easy Workout Routines for Busy Moms

With today’s busy world and our often incredibly busy lives, it’s difficult to stay in shape, especially if you’re a mom trying to keep your family happy and your lives in order. That’s why we went to the net to find some great articles for easy and quick ways to keep moms healthy and happy during the busy times.

Easy 10 Minute Workout for Busy Moms

In this article by Larysa Didio for, we get some great easy and quick exercises that will keep us healthy and strong and ready for the rigors of daily life as a mom. You won’t need any special equipment and it won’t take you hours to get these done every day, but you will feel better and stronger every day. The article shows you how to do each exercise with illustrations and detailed explanation. Read the full article here.

Quick and Easy Fitness for Tired Moms

If you’ve got twenty minutes of spare time in a day, then you might want to consider this article by Nicole Dorsey for as your guide on how to spend that time. With this easy to do and fun exercise routine, you’ll be getting in shape and getting rid of that baby weight in no time at all. The article features several great exercises that don’t require any special equipment or ability and even has a video showing how you can do some other exercises with your baby that look fun and healthy. Check out all the great ways to stay in shape by reading the full article here.

The Best Ab Workouts for Moms

One of the muscle groups most needing attention after having a baby are the abs and this article posted by the Editors for, gives you some fabulous, easy and fun exercises that will have your abs back in tip top shape in no time. From great yoga poses and exercises you do on your own, to fun exercises you do with your baby, these great options will give you fun things to do with your little one they will love and get your abs back in shape at the same time. Read the full article here.

At-Home Exercise Routine for Busy Moms

If you’ve got thirty minutes and desire to get back to your pre-baby shape, then this article by Maria Simon for is going to make your day. When going to the gym seems like a nightmare, but you still want to be able to get some exercise in, then try this easy to do three exercise routine that will work all of your muscle groups and you don’t even have to get dressed up fancy or leave your house. You’ll want to check this full article out here.

How to Get in Shape Without the Treadmill

If getting to a gym, or working out on a treadmill sounds tedious and no fun to you, you’re not alone. In this article by Katie for, she compares the way kids “train” and stay active to the way adults are typically told how to do it and why it doesn’t work as well for us as it does for kids. Kids will often do what feels fun, sprinting here and there, riding bikes, climbing a tree, all doing very different things for their bodies but all activating their own growth hormones. She goes into detail about how you can exercise in a way that encourages your own growth hormones. Get all the great information by reading the full article here

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