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Family Activities for the Spring

Family Activities for the Spring


For most of the country, the winter of 2015 will be remembered for the record-breaking low temperatures and feet of snow piled on the ground. Even balmy Key West dipped down to a new record low of 49 degrees. Needless to say, everyone, especially those with snow up to their eyeballs, is anxiously awaiting the Big Thaw. We’ve put together some great cures for your cabin fever:

Enjoy the Outdoors. After being snowed in for so long, nothing beats spending time outside with the sun on your face and blades of fresh grass between your toes. Pack a lunch, grab a blanket out of the linen closet and head out to the nearest park, the beach, or even your back yard or the courtyard of your apartment complex. Take the time to notice the wildlife around you (yes, even the most urban areas can be habitat for some fascinating wildlife). Make a game out of naming the different species of birds that you see, or see who can be the first to spot a squirrel’s nest.

Start a Garden. Spring has always been symbolic of new life. Why not get the family together and start a family garden? Growing your own food is not only fun (what kid doesn’t like playing in the dirt), but it’s also a great way to cut down on your grocery bill. Your kids will get a kick out of eating the food that they had a hand in growing. Who knows – maybe they’ll finally start eating their veggies!

Go to the Farmers’ Market. If a family garden is out of the question, you can still save money on groceries and enjoy garden-fresh fruits and veggies courtesy of your local farmer’s market. Many of the markets today offer more than just crates of lettuce and squash. Today’s markets often feature booths of crafts and artwork from local artisans, as well as a plethora of activities for the kids. Bonus: You will be contributing to the growth of your local economy.

Play Ball! Spring is also the time to dust off the cleats, dig out your favorite mitt and head out to the sand lot – or the cul-de-sac. Gather the neighborhood kids together and form your own little league. Fill bags or old pillow cases with sand, and voila! Instant bases! For the tinier players, a front yard game of Wiffle ball can be loads of fun!

Geocaching. Started in Oregon in 2000, geocaching is a treasure hunt of sorts, where players use a GPS receiver or the free downloadable Geocache app on their mobile device to look for containers – “geocaches” - that contain a log book for them to sign and date, as well as various trinkets and tradable items. Over two million of these geocaches exist throughout the world, with over six million geocachers participating in this 21st Century treasure hunt. To see if there is a geocache in your area, visit

There you have it – fun, family-friendly activities for spring. Now go out and play!

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