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Family winter activities

Family winter activities

#1 Top 10 Outdoor Winter Activities

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your family needs to be stuck indoors for the winter. The folks over at have some fun ideas for winter activities that whole family can enjoy once the snow and ice come to stay for a while. From making a snowman to making snow angels, and believe it or not, ice fishing and snow shoeing, there’s active fun for everyone when old man winter comes to drop that fluffy white stuff on our doorstep. Just because your kids are little doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy a good old fashioned snow ball fight or some fun skiing or snowboarding lessons. When the cold weather comes, dress up warmly and get out there and enjoy it. For more fun ideas, read the full article here.

#2 Winter Craft Activities for Kids

When it finally gets too cold and wet to play outdoors, here’s an article from that gives you some fun indoor crafts you can do with your family. From holiday chains to hang around the house for decorations, to those fabulous homemade stained glass pictures you can hang in your window, these wonderful crafts will keep your kids busy for hours and result in some great things to decorate your home with. Each project comes with detailed descriptions and materials you’ll need to make creating your art work easy and fun. Read the full article here.

#3 11 Fun Activities For When Winter Weather Traps You Indoors

If your kids are really little and the cold weather is just too cold to get them out in it, then Sara Lippmann writing for Parents Magazine has some awesome tips and fun ideas to help your wee ones stay entertained on those long cold winter days. From letting them finger paint in their high chair with food, to taking a mid day fun time bath which will be great for after the food finger painting, she has some great toddler and baby activities that will keep them giggling and having a great time for hours. For more ideas, read the full article here.

#4 Winter Family Activities

In this fun video from Focus on the Family, you’ll get some great ideas on what to do when the weather is less than ideal. Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you’re limited to indoor activities, one of the families highlighted makes it a point to bundle up and get out to the zoo. Another family likes to take nature walks in the winter because everything looks different. From board games to snow fights there’s always something fun to do if you put your mind to it. Watch the full video here.

#5 100 Free or Cheap Family Activities for Winter

If you can’t find some fun ways to spend time with your kids from this fabulous article by Stephanie Kay at Stephanie’s Mommy Brain, then we’re pretty sure you’re just not trying. From making imaginative popcorn taste treats on the stove to having a snowball fight, to writing your own story then illustrating it and reading to everyone, she has 100 ideas on ways to spend time and have fun that are free or very cheap. To be fair, snowball fight shows up a couple of times, but hey, who doesn’t love a good snowball fight? For more great ideas, read the full article here.

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