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Games to play on the trampoline

Games to play on the trampoline


Fun Trampoline Games

If you love playing on your trampoline, but are looking for some fun new games to play while jumping, then you’ve got to check out this video by Kyle Thomas. From a new and bouncier version of dodge ball to a whole new way to play jump rope, with jump being the operative word here, there are some games that are versions of ones you know and love and some that are brand new. The video shows exactly how to play each game and will give you lots of new games to play while you’re enjoying your trampoline, plus ideas on how to make up your own games. See the full video here.

The Game of T.R.A.M.P.

In this fun and musical video by Air Motion, we learn the rules and varieties that you can use for the game of T.R.A.M.P. Similar to Horse in basketball, where each player has to perform a certain trick to earn a letter, this game is fun whether you win or lose. The video shows each player making their letters by performing flips, and turns and tricks and it’s all set to a song that makes it very fun to watch. To get all the details so you can play your own game of T.R.A.M.P. at home, watch the full video here.

Trampoline Games

If anyone can come up with the most fun and unique trampoline games ever, it has to be the folks at Lucky for us, they have put them together in this great article and we’re bringing it to you. From good old stand bys like crack the egg and seat drop war, to new fun games like bounce the Buddah and do as I do, you’ll have no end of fun and get some great exercise too, playing these fabulous trampoline games. Trampolines are fun to play on even without the addition of a great game, but why wouldn’t you want to take your fun times to the next level? Great for the whole family, check out all the games by reading the full article here.

Fun Trampoline Games Part 2

Kyle Thomas brings us more games in this super fun video that makes us want to get out and start jumping right now. From an old favorite called gaga where you have to bounce balls out of the trampoline enclosure to monkey barrel where you have one person who’s the monkey and one person who’s the barrel, and a whole bunch more, these super fun games will increase your skill on the trampoline as well as providing everyone playing hours of fun. For all the rules and all the information on all the fun games watch the full video here.

Top 5 Trampoline Games

If you’re looking for some less organized but equally fun games to play on the trampoline you’ll enjoy this video by Ronan Graham. From the free for all nature of the Hunger Games to the rather tame by comparison 1,2,3 game, and everything in between, these tweens will give you some great ideas for making your trampoline a fun place no matter what you’re playing. Watch the full video here.

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