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Getting Your Kids to Clean Up Around the House

Getting Your Kids to Clean Up Around the House

Getting your kids to make a mess in the house is not something you as a parent have to instill in your child. No unfortunately, kids making a mess of basically anything they see is something that just comes with the territory. Getting your children to help clean up around the house however, now that is an entirely different story.  While kids don't see the benefit of cleaning up toys now, it will pay off dividends for both you and them in the long run. To change the culture in your household and get your children helping with cleanup time, here are a few simple tips and reasons to start the process.

One of the best possible things you can do in the online battle against messy rooms, play areas, and the entire house in general is to start your kids out young in the cleaning process. Many habits, both good and bad, are formed at an early stage through repetition and observation. Many kids at a young age will emulate you as a parent and want to do anything and everything you do.  If your children see you cleaning up around the house and you make an effort to get them involved because it is fun, they may grow to enjoy it, which will make your life a whole lot easier and less stressful.

Another great tip to get the kids to help out more in cleaning around the house to invest in some organization. Keeping everything in a neat and orderly fashion and training your kids to learn good house cleaning habits can serve them well in the long run in other organizational skills and endeavors in their lives.

Having consistency in your cleanup routine is also an essential to getting your children to help out. If you only have them clean up their things three or four times out of 10, they will never take it too seriously and see each time as an opportunity to get out of it. If you have them clean up or help clean up each time however, they will see this as part of the routine and potentially start doing it on their own.

One of the best things you can do for your child when they help you clean up is to show them your appreciation and thank them for helping. This doesn't have to be through some kind of gift or treat, otherwise you might have a Pavlov's dog situation on your hands. Words of affirmation like a simple "thank you" however, can do wonders for a child's confidence and can inspire them to want to always help you out and clean because they wish to hear those words.

Getting kids to help out in cleaning can be a very difficult task to tackle as a parent, but following some of these steps can help you get your kids to jump on board and join the routine.

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