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Healthy Dessert Ideas for Kids

Healthy Dessert Ideas for Kids

Getting kids to eat healthy has been a challenge from the beginning of time. That said, while we try to get them to eat better, everyone loves a little something special now and then. That’s why we went to the net to find some great articles that will help you turn your dessert options into something your kids will love and you’ll feel good about giving them.

15 Healthier Twists on Kid’s Favorite Desserts: From Cookies to Ice Cream

Giving your kids and yourself the occasional sweet treat doesn’t have to fill you with guilt anymore and this article by Elizabeth Stark for shows you just how to do it. From fabulous size reduced banana splits to pecan pie squares that won’t make you want to go to confession, these amazing dessert ideas are incredible. The desserts in this article are sometimes improving your calorie count by making them smaller and sometimes by changing ingredients, but they all look spectacular and we’re sure when you read the full article here, you’ll be ready to go to your kitchen and start creating.

Family Friendly Snacks and Desserts

In this amazing article posted on, you’ll get a plethora of fabulous dessert recipes that will have your whole family thinking you snuck out and went to culinary school. The yummy dessert options are all healthier versions of our favorites. There are even delicious options for those who need to be gluten free. Many of the recipes have standard healthy versions and gluten free options. The article isn’t just giving fabulous dessert options though. They’ve also included some amazing snack and dip recipes that will make you want to have a party just so you can try them all out. Delicious and nutritious, these desserts and snacks are all healthier alternatives to your favorites that you can use anytime and for any event. Get all the fabulous options when you read the full article here.

You Won’t Believe What’s in These 7 Secretly Healthy Desserts for Kids (and Grown Ups Too)

There are certain things kids love and this article by Laurie Farmer for, really capitalized on that knowledge to bring you these awesome desert options that they will go crazy for. These sweet treats are not just healthier options, which they are, they are also couched in ways that will make kids like them because they are not only tasty but fun. Kids love to dip things and several of the deserts take this into account. Kids are also going to like something more if they had a hand in making it and several of the recipes are easy enough that any of your kids can at least help in the preparation. There’s also a fabulous brown recipe that has an ingredient you might never be able to get your kids to try normally but a great way to sneak this awesome vegetable into their diet without them ever knowing it. You’ll definitely want to check out all these amazing dessert recipes by reading the full article here

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