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How To Build a Snowfort

How To Build a Snowfort

Snow is falling, winter is upon us, and the snowmen and snow forts are calling your name.  When fresh snow hits the ground, many people's natural reaction is to build something amazing out of it.  Unfortunately, this is usually easier said than done.  This doesn't have to be the case anymore, as an epic snow fort is an attainable goal with the proper tools and techniques. If you are up for the challenge, then follow these steps to the most amazing snow fort you could ever imagine.

First off, make sure you are wearing the appropriate attire. This isn't an quick process, so you don't want to be out in jeans and gloves that are not waterproof. Proper winter attire and snow gear will make you a happier snow fort builder. The next thing you should do is mark off the area where you are going to build your fort. If you are just hollowing out a large drift of snow, this won't be as necessary. If you are looking to build a fort that is more durable and will really wow the neighborhood, you are going to be going with a much stronger process than hollowing out a drift. Make sure you have an abundance of snow accessible to you to cover the space you have marked out.

Now that you have identified the area for your snow fort and have enough snow to accomplish the job, it is time to move on to building your base. If you really want to build the strongest fort possible, going the route of snow bricks is your best bet for your fort to stay intact. 

Find yourself a well sized, rectangular shaped tupperware dish to build your bricks with, much like the process of building a sand castle. Pack the snow in tight to create the strongest possible brick. If you don't have firm enough snow to work with, try a mixture of snow and water and allow it to freeze. You can also use this same type of mixture as a mortar for your bricks as it will freeze in a matter of minutes. If it is cold enough outside, sprinkle your finished fort with water, which will freeze the outside of the fort, encasing it in an icy shell which will increase its durability.

If you are looking for some extra creativity to your fort, consider adding food coloring to your snow and water mixture when creating your bricks. You can also decorate the outside of your fort with LED lights so it can seen from far down your street. Follow these steps and you will have yourself the strongest snow fort in the neighborhood that impervious to everything but the sun.

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