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How To Choose a Safe Trampoline

How To Choose a Safe Trampoline

So you are thinking of purchasing a trampoline for your family? Great choice! A trampoline is a great purchase that has many different uses, from endless hours of fun for kids, to a great workout option for you as an adult. Going out and buying a trampoline as a spur of the moment decision however is not a very smart idea. There are many different factors that go into purchasing a trampoline, with the most important being the safety of the trampoline. From the kind of springs that keep the trampoline up, the enclosure, the spring padding, even down to the welding on the trampoline frame, there are many different factors that go into picking the safest trampoline possible.

One of the biggest issues to deal with on a trampoline are the springs. These are what will give the trampoline its tension or in some cases, a lack thereof. Springs are an essential part of a trampoline. These days however, many people are opting for alternatives to the traditional spring, like elastic bands, in order to get a safer experience from their trampoline. The biggest downside to these elastic bands however is that they are not nearly as durable as metal springs and will stretch out over them. For this reason, metal springs are the smartest choice for longevity's sake.

If you go with the trampoline with metal springs, a protective spring pad is an essential purchase for your trampoline to ensure the safest experience possible. Exposed metal springs are one of the easiest ways for accidents such as broken legs and arms on trampolines and they can be easily avoided by purchasing a spring pad. There are many great spring pad options out there, such as this heavy duty round trampoline pad that is fastened to the metal for a sturdy and safe fit.

Arguably the most important purchase for your trampoline when it comes to safety however, is an enclosure for your jumping fixture. While they may have been a rare occurrence several years ago, you will be hard pressed to find a trampoline without an enclosure these days. Many trampoline sets now come with the enclosure as a part of the purchase. Purchasing the proper enclosure for your trampoline, like this 10 foot frame with eight poles, is a very important decision and a lot goes into the correct decision. From fit, the way it fastens to the trampoline, to the height and how many poles there are, choosing the right enclosure is a very important purchase. Make sure you measure your trampoline first and ensure you know the correct size for the kind of enclosure you will need.

Trampolines are a great way to have fun and stay in shape. Safety is the most important part about trampoline use however. Make sure you take all the proper precautions before purchasing and using your trampoline. If you follow these simple tips, you will have hours and hours of safe and enjoyable time on your trampoline.

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