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How To Get Kids to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

How To Get Kids to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

If you have kids, then it’s practically a guarantee that you have a hard time getting them to eat healthy. While we put together fabulous fruit and vegetable options, our kids often turn their nose up, or trade them for sugary snacks when they get school. So what’s a parent to do when they’re trying their best to get healthy food into their kids? We wondered the same thing and found some great articles that will help you in your healthy endeavors to get your kids to eat a better diet that includes more fruits and veggies.

Tips for Getting Kids to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

In this article, posted on, they have some great ideas on how to get your kids interested in fruits and vegetables. The article has a whole slew of links to great recipes for fruit and veggie based dishes that your kids will find fun to eat as well as delicious. From getting your kids excited about the produce aisle by letting them help pick out he fruits and veggies at the supermarket, to keeping a bowl of them out on the table ready to eat when they get home from school, there’s some great and helpful information when you read the full article here.

Encouraging Your Child to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

When our kids watch us loving fruits and veggies, they are more likely to want to try those things according to this article posted on The article encourages you not to give up as it may take ten to fifteen presentations until the child is ready to accept it. It also encourages you to find sneaky ways to incorporate veggies into your child’s meals. You can shred carrots or zucchini and add it to your meat loaf. Put mushrooms and tomatoes in chili or spaghetti sauce. There’s also several great recipe ideas for frozen fruit summer time treats. The article states that you’ll need to pay attention to your kids likes and dislikes trying veggies in different ways until you find one they like. For example, they may not like cooked peppers in food, but they make like them sliced and served with a dip. Just keep trying various ways of presenting veggies and fruits until you find the ones that work best. You’ll want to read the full article here to get all the great ideas.

15 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Better

Julie Burns, R.D. and mother of seven year old triplets writes this article for, and gives us her tips for how to get your little ones to eat healthier. One would think a mom who’s also a nutritionist would be able to present healthy food to her kids so easily that she wouldn’t be able to understand why it’s such a problem for the rest of us. However, we find out in this article that Julie has all the same trials and tribulations that the rest of us do. Luckily she’s learned quite a few tricks and is giving them to us in this article. You’ll want to read the full article here to get all the benefit of her experience. 

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