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How To Get Your Kids To Bed Easier

How To Get Your Kids To Bed Easier

When it comes to kids and sleeping, it seems there’s always going to be some kind of issue. Either you can’t get them out of bed in the morning, or you can’t get them to bed at night, or keep them there once you do get them in bed. This time we decided to find articles that had some great advice on getting your kids into bed and keeping there. As you read the articles, you’ll find that getting kids into bed and keeping them there is a common problem, which is great because that means you’ll get the benefit of what other parents tried and succeeded with.

How to Get Your Child to Sleep (Really!)

In this article by Holly Robinson for, we find out that getting kids to go to bed and then stay there is not so unusual. The article looks at the best ways to accomplish this feat broken up into things to try at different ages. From 12-18 months, 18 months to 3 years old and 3 years old to 6 years old, there are different approaches to take that will work better on one age group than another. Get all the fabulous advice and tips to help your child got to bed and stay there, by reading the full article here.

10 Tips to Get Your Kids to Sleep

You’ll get a ton of great tips in this article for helping your kids get to sleep and stay asleep in this article medically reviewed by George Krucik, MD MBA for From creating a set sleep routine to making sure you cater to your kid’s individual sleep needs, you’ll get a lot of great ideas for helping your child develop good sleep habits that will last them a lifetime. Getting enough sleep is critical for being able to have good days and also is imperative for their ability to learn. Making sure your child gets to bed on time, also ensures that you will be able to get a good night’s sleep and you’ll both be able to have much better mornings because of that. The article also cautions against ignoring night time fears and night terrors as these could be a symptom of a deeper sleep problem. You’ll want to get all of the great information by reading the full article here.

Make a Bedtime Plan: 8 Tips to Get Your Children to Bed with Brain Science

Katherine Eskovitz writing for has some great ideas for helping your kids and your whole family get a good night’s rest. From getting the kids involved in their own bed time ritual by explaining to them on their terms why a good night’s sleep is important, to teach them a mindfulness meditation to help them get to sleep, the ideas in this article will take you a long way toward getting your whole family on a good sleep schedule. There’s also some impressive statistics that will surprise you about just how important a good night’s sleep is to everyone in your family. Get all the great information by reading the full article here.

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