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How To Get Your Kids Up and Going In the Morning

How To Get Your Kids Up and Going In the Morning

It’s hard enough to get up and get to work on time when it’s just you, but when you add children into the mix, it can get a lot harder. With life getting so busy and schedules always getting tighter, we wanted to help find some ways to make mornings a little easier. That’s why we went to the net and found some great articles on helping to speed things up in the morning and make it less stressful on everyone.

10 Unique Ways to Get Kids Up in the Morning

In this article by Kim Grundy for, she went to the experts for some good advice on how to get tweens and teens out of bed and moving in the morning. From new technology to a good old fashioned glass of water on the head, there’s a lot of great tips in here. There’s also some great scientific advice for sleep times and ideas that will make waking up easier and a better experience. Whether you like the aroma options or the goal setting options, there’s bound to be something that will help when you read the full article here.

Getting Your Kid out the Door in the Morning

One of the most important factors in creating good mornings is getting enough sleep. In this article posted on, they talk about how to achieve that and how to make your mornings less hectic and more doable for everyone involved. There’s a lot to get ready in the morning, especially if you have children. The article suggests getting everything ready the night before, such as back packs, lunches, and clothing choices. It also states that getting yourself ready before you start getting your kids ready will ensure that you are less stressed. In addition, being ready yourself means you can take a few minutes of quality cuddle time in the morning for your kids and that may make them happier about getting up and getting ready. You’ll want to get all of the great advice by reading the full article here.

“My Kid Won’t Get Out of Bed” Stop the Morning Madness Now

Making your child take responsibility for getting themselves up and going in the morning is the advice given by Megan Devine, LCPC in this article for While you’ll need to customize your approach depending on the ages of your children and the location of their school, the article states that if you are ending up having to drive your kids to school and making yourself late for work on a regular basis because they won’t get up and get moving in the morning, then you can try having your child face the consequences of not getting up by having them walk to school. They will also no doubt have to make up work and face other consequences with their school. Dealing with consequences may make them more amenable to getting up on time and getting ready so they won’t miss their bus. The article gives a lot of other great advice and you’ll want to get it all by reading the full article here.

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