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How To Have a Family Friendly New Year's Eve

How To Have a Family Friendly New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is upon us and tonight's parties around the world are sure to be memorable. Maybe you are heading out on the town because you were lucky enough to score the only babysitter in town who wanted to work on New Year's Eve. If you had kids however, it is more likely that you will be hanging out at home to ring in the new year with your family. If you are letting the kids stay up until midnight to celebrate with you, go all out and make it an awesome experience. There are several ways you can make this a New Year's Eve party to remember for years with your kids.

Keeping your kids entertained through the entire night can be a tall order, so having some games in place for the evening will help pass the time along and maybe prevent them from becoming grumpy as it gets late. Try having a scavenger hunt around the house and outside if it is warm enough. Another fun option to keep the kids occupied is creating your own time capsule. Have the kids write a letter to themselves or put an item they can part with and open it back up in five or 10 years to reflect on what has happened. This can also be a great idea for parents as it can be fun to reminisce.

Another fun idea is to cook and amazing meal and sit down together and come up with a New Year's resolution as a family. This can be a fun way to find out what your kids want to change, not matter how serious or silly it is. Coming up with something that your children can hold you accountable for will help you stick to your resolution better than just on your own.

Another great way to get into the festive spirit is to get creative with your attire. Get everyone together and make some silly New Year's hats and oversized glasses. If you aren't lucky enough to make it to Times Square to see the ball drop, make your own to ring in the new year. Tie together a bunch of balloons and lower them from the ceiling with some string at midnight, having the family count it down to the start of the new year.

Celebrating New Year's with your family can be an awesome experience. Try out some of these tips to make it a memorable one. Is there anything awesome we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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