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How To Keep Kids Safe by the Pool

How To Keep Kids Safe by the Pool

Sun Protection

In this article “Sun and Water Safety Tips” posted on, you’ll learn why it’s so important to make sure you protect yourself and your children from the sun when playing outside or swimming this summer. The article breaks down the specifics you need to keep in mind for infants and children of various ages. It goes into the various steps you need to take to keep delicate skin safe from dangerous burns as well as how to keep your young ones safe in all kinds of situations involving water. Make sure you know what to do in case of water or sun emergencies this year by reading the full article here.

Floaties, Goggles, Kickboards

It’s that time of year when fun in the sun and fun in the water are at the top of every child’s mind. In this article and video “5 Essentials to Pack in Your Pool Bag for safe Fun with Kids” by Melanie Edwards for, she’ll give you the low down on why it’s important to have floaties, goggles and kickboards on hand for your kids. Whether your kids know how to swim, or are just learning but not quite as proficient or comfortable in the water yet as they need to be, or they are learning and want to get stronger, these items can help you keep them safe, and having fun when they’re in the water this year. Read the full article here.


With the heat of summer and free time to play, relax and have fun, comes the desire for kids to get in the pool. In this article by the Cool Mom Staff for, they give you eleven important tips and tricks for helping your kids to stay safe this summer. Pool safety is always a concern and keeping your kids safe starts with making sure they know the rules when it comes to swimming pools. When you help your kids to understand that following the rules for the pool allows everyone to have fun and keeps everyone safe, you’ll all get to enjoy the fun of water play in a much more relaxing atmosphere. Read the full article here to get all the great tips on pool safety.

Teach Kids to Swim

If you’ve been considering getting a pool for your family to have fun in this summer then you probably want to read this incredibly informative article “Pool Safety for Kids” posted on The article goes into the pros and cons of different types of pools and how to keep your kids and your family safe around each. In addition, it discusses the importance of making sure your kids know how to swim. While it’s relatively easy to keep track of things when your kids are home, you won’t always be there and teaching them to swim helps them to stay safe around water, wherever they are. Read the full article here.


When it comes to swimming pool safety and safety around water in general, this article “Swimming Safety Tips” posted on, gives you some great no nonsense advice and tips. Of course, the most crucial element when it comes to water safety is adult supervision of children. The article also has great information on fencing and other steps you can take to ensure that your curious kids can’t get to the pool unless you are there to supervise them. Get all the great info by reading the full article here.  

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