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How To Make Thanksgiving Fun for the Whole Family

How To Make Thanksgiving Fun for the Whole Family

It’s that time of year once again, the holiday season is upon us. Time to cue the stress and the major amount of time planning parties, decorations, food, and the million other things that seem to be constantly appearing on your to-do list. Once November 1st hits, it seems as though everyone begins to get into the Christmas spirit. Black Friday deals and advertisements meet your eye wherever you look on a daily basis. With all the emphasis put on finding deals on Black Friday, it is very easy to begin to overlook that holiday sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving.

Overlooking Thanksgiving and jumping straight to Christmas can be much easier than we care to admit. With kids running to you with their wishlists and the Christmas decorations being rolled out, we can tend to ignore that fourth Thursday in November. Some simple Thanksgiving traditions with your family can help remember that meaning of that day while bringing everyone together for a festive celebration.

Does you family have any Thanksgiving Eve traditions that are sacred to be upheld each year? Maybe introduce one this year if not. Having a tradition that wednesday night can get the family in the mood for the next day and allow you to spend some quality time together. Try a Thanksgiving Eve meal each year, whether it’s ordering in chinese food, or going out for some hot chocolate and catching a movie, making something a priority and a tradition each year will get the family excited about Thanksgiving Eve each year and help you appreciate the time together more.

Do you have some younger kids or grandkids around during the Thanksgiving holiday? Get them involved in the day however you can. Start up some crafts for them to do each year by creating hand turkeys out of construction paper or get them helping you in the kitchen in some way, even if it’s just letting them lick the spoon with the leftover mashed potatoes on it. Getting the kids involved will help them understand the true meaning of the holiday and get them excited about it each year.

What does you Thanksgiving Day look like? How much time around each other does you family really spend together? Try and make this a priority each year. Whether you all gather around the TV and watch the football games, or go around the dinner table and each list out things you are thankful for this year, gathering together and spending quality and quantity time together will help the family appreciate the holiday together more and will get everyone looking forward to the traditional activity each November.

Whatever your traditions on Thanksgiving each year, make sure to get the family around each other and appreciating the meaning of the holiday. Yearly traditions will help you appreciate that quality time together, no matter how much time it is.

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