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In Ground vs. Above Ground Trampoline

In Ground vs. Above Ground Trampoline

One of the best solutions to keeping your kids occupied and active throughout the year is by investing in a trampoline. 

There are a lot of different elements to factor into selecting the right trampoline today. From size, tension, safety features and more, picking the perfect one is a process that shouldn't be taken lightly.

One of the biggest things to decide on is whether you want an above ground trampoline or an in ground model. There are many pros and cons to each one, and knowing the differences is key in making your decision.

Pros to In Ground

From aesthetic purposes to overall performance, there are a wide range of benefits and advantages to selecting an in ground trampoline for your kids no matter what age they are.

If you have smaller children, the safety features of having an in ground model are reason enough to invest in one. With the trampoline being even with the ground, smaller children will be far less scared of falling from several feet above the ground and it puts them in a much safer position if something were to happen and they do fall off the side.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, an in ground trampoline is a much better option than an above ground model. Even with the investment of an enclosure, a feature that everyone should have on their trampoline, this won't make your trampoline stick out like a sore thumb as it will not be as high off the ground. With an above ground trampoline though, having an enclosure on top of that will make it more of an eyesore as it sticks out above your fence.

With the aesthetics of an in ground trampoline, you can also design more around it, such as placing lawn chairs and small tables in case you want to sit down and keep an eye on your kids without straining your neck up to see them in an above ground model.

Cons to In Ground

While an in ground may seem like the perfect alternative to a traditional trampoline, it is not without its downsides.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, you can be in a bit of a bind if you are wanting to rearrange your backyard. An in ground trampoline is essentially stuck in the same place, whereas an above ground model can be moved to any spot in the yard whenever you like.

Another con to an in ground model is the maintenance and potential performance problem. As far as upkeep is concerned, having a quality drainage system is crucial is rust can form from having too much standing water. If you can't afford some kind of surrounding material that isn't grass or dirt, this can be a potential issue.

Another possible problem is the overall feel of the trampoline if enough air isn't flowing underneath it. Without enough air circulation, the trampoline cannot get the right bounce and elasticity it needs as it will feel like you are jumping on a very hard surface.

These are just a few pros and cons to be aware of on an in ground trampoline, so be sure to do your research to figure out which kind is best for your needs.

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  • I feel trampoline is a good investment . Contrary its not only for kids, adults can also use it for fun and fitness. Me also using one medium size Heavy Duty Trampoline which I bought from My day never completes without bouncing with kids for 2-5 min at least once in a day.

    Daniel henry

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