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Lunch Options for Kids to Take to School

Lunch Options for Kids to Take to School

If you’re a parent, then you know it’s an ongoing battle to get your kids to eat healthy. The problem is compounded once they start school because we aren’t there to stop them from trading that healthy lunch you packed them for their neighbor’s Twinkie. That’s why we scoured the internet for some fast fun and kid friendly recipes to help give you the best shot at sending your young ones to school with something healthy they will actually eat.

25 Quick & Easy School Lunches to Pack for Your Kids

Teri Tseng Barrett writing for brings us this awesome list of fabulous lunches you can pack for your kids that will be delicious and appealing and give you some piece of mind that it’s food they will actually eat. From an Elvis wrap that includes peanut butter bacon crumbles and banana, to an Arnold Palmer that combines half of a tuna sandwich and half of an egg salad sandwich to fancy pesto shrimp skewers, there’s something for every kid and frankly for every adult. Get all the wonderful recipes and ideas by reading the full article here.

101 Ideas for Kid’s Lunches at Home or School

From a thermos full of homemade ravioli to pizza wraps, expert stay at home mom, Apryl Duncan writing for, has got a whole myriad of ideas to jazz up lunch for your kids. Whe

ther they are eating at home or at school, these yummy lunches will ensure your kids eat the healthy food you cook for them instead of trying to find something else. Making veggies fun is half the battle and Apryl suggests adding cheese to almost any of them. Check out all the fabulous recipes and other advice by reading the full article here.

Healthy Kids Lunch Recipes & Tips

The food experts at bring us this awesome article loaded with tons of ideas and recipes you can use to create fast, fun lunches your kids will love. From thermos ready smoothies to foods they can play with while they eat, like cinnamon oranges, it’s important to make the lunches you send with your kids, tasty and when possible fun to eat. They suggest that when you’re fixing their lunches, to think about food that’s healthy and fun like foods they can dip, such as veggies and some dressing, or foods that they can put together themselves. Get all the great tips and recipes by reading the full article here.

30 Ideas for School Lunches brings us these incredibly yummy and easy to make and pack lunches to send with your kids to school. From fun ham and cheese pitas to falafel sandwiches, you’ll be amazed at how simple these are to prepare and how much your kids are going to love them. Check out all the amazing recipes by reading the full article here.

Healthy Eating for Kids: Recipes and Nutrition Advice has some fabulous ideas and recipes to help you send healthy lunches that kids will eat to school with them. They suggest making the lunches fun. Foods they can assemble are always good and sandwiches in a pita are much healthier than using white bread made from processed flour. For these and many more options, read the full article here.

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