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Mom Hacks to Make Life Easier

Let's face it. No matter how many years you have been a mom or how many kids you have, parenting is a difficult and challenging task. Kids are constantly going and it can be very rough to keep them occupied or under control. Fortunately, there are miracles in this world called life hacks, and they are the perfect thing to implement into your life if you are a mom. Life hacks and little organization tips here are there can drastically make your life that much easier.

One of the best things you can do to make your life as a mom much easier is to get yourself organized. From keeping your events planned out in advance on a calendar, keeping schedules and contact info for your child's activities together, and getting things done ahead of time will relieve a ton of stress from your life. Keeping any necessary documents such as report cards and permission slips all together and ready to go are other things to keep in mind that will help your life run that much smoother. By getting yourself organized, you can eliminate the last minute scrambling in your life and stay more relaxed.

We have all seen the incredible life hacks with everyday items, and implementing these as a mom can make your parenting life that much easier. Do you have a lot of jewelry that you tend to misplace or your kids like to use and don't put back in the same spot? An ice tray in your dresser is a great way to keep all these items separate and organized so you don't get lost or tangled up with one another.

Cleaning supplies can be a real pain to keep organized and out of children's reach. To accomplish both of these tasks, investing in a shoe hanger on a door is a great way to keep the more dangerous chemicals up high and out of a child's reach, as well as making it easy to find and access for you.

Having trouble organizing your spices in your kitchen, but don't want to go out and purchase new spice jars at the store? Reusing empty baby food jars is the perfect way to save some money and are the perfect size to accommodate your spices. Just remove the labels on the side and relabel the top of the jars with a sharpie and you have a brand new matching spice jar setup.

These helpful tips and tricks and many others can help you as a mom on a daily basis and hopefully help make your life much easier. Do you utilize any life hacks on a daily basis? Tell us about them in the comments!

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