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No Equipment Outdoor Games

Keeping kids entertained these days can sometimes feel much harder than it used to be.

With the surrounding of technology and constant need to be entertained, kids don't seem to get outside as often.

If you are wanting to your children to be more active and not be sitting around inside on the couch as much, here are some fun outdoor games you can take advantage of while the warm weather is here.

Duck Duck Goose

An instant classic that is sure to bring back some nostalgic memories, kids are sure to be entertained for a long time with this exciting and engaging game.

With all the players sitting in a circe, one person stands up as the fox and walks around, tapping everyone on the head and saying "duck." When they choose someone and say "goose," that person must quickly get up and chase the fox around the circle before the fox can get back to take the goose's spot in the circle.

If the goose doesn't catch the fox, they now switch roles.

Mother May I?

Another classic game that has stood the test of time, Mother May I is an outstanding game for the younger children.

With all the players in a line, one player starts at the finish line as Mother.

Each player in line asks Mother a question such as "Mother may I take three big steps?"

Mother will then say yes or no. If they say no, they must provide an alternative option such as "one big jump." The first player to reach Mother at the finish line is the winner.

Red Rover

Another fantastic game to get the kids out and running, red rover is a great classic outdoor team game that gives kicks a chance to show off both their speed and strength.

In this exciting game, two teams line up across from one another with their arms linked up.

One by one, a team calls a player across and that player tries to break through the chain of arms.

If they are successful, they go back to their side with an opponents team member. If they do not, they join the opposing team.

A team wins by having all the players on their side.

Red Light Green Light

A fun game that focuses on both agility, listening skills, and honestly, red light green light is a great game to play with younger kids.

In this game, one person stands away from the line of players with their back turned to them.

When the leader yells "green light," all the players try and run as fast as their can to the leader. When they say "red light" though, everyone must stop on a dime.

The winner is whoever is able to reach the leader first.


A great game to get kids out and burning some extra energy, you can play tag virtually anywhere and with any amount of people.

In this game, one person is designated as "It." They then chase around the rest of the players and try and catch them.

When they do touch someone, they say "tag, you're it," and the roles are now reversed.

Try out any of these awesome games with your kids outside this summer for guaranteed fun.

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