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Pros and Cons to a Rectangular Trampoline

Pros and Cons to a Rectangular Trampoline

If you are looking to invest in a trampoline, the selection process can seem quite overwhelming. From the strength of the springs, the tension of the mat, to the type of enclosure you go with, there are a lot of elements to factor into this decision making process. Even the shape and size of the trampoline is a detail that certainly shouldn't be overlooked. From style, space usage, and performance, there are many pros and cons to selecting a different trampoline, and these are just some of the reasons why you should seriously look into a rectangular trampoline for your purchase.

When you are shopping for a trampoline, the two most common shapes you are going to come across today are either round or rectangular. There are many benefits to choosing a rectangular trampoline over a round one, the first of which being the superior bounce ability you will receive. This shape of trampoline is the same used at the highest levels of competition, including the Olympic standard. If you are looking for top of the line performance and more space to be able to perform tricks and other variations, there is no better option on the market today than a rectangular trampoline. One of the ways this trampoline is able to provide a better bouncing surface is through the multiple bounce zones distributed along the surface. While a round trampoline will only provide one major bounce zone in the center, the more equal distribution of force throughout the rectangular surface allows for more opportunities to achieve the maximum bounce possible.

Another great benefit of a rectangular trampoline is the amount of space that it takes up in your yard. While a round trampoline can only be place in certain areas, a rectangular trampoline has the unique advantage of fitting in various spots in your yard, allowing you to maximize your space and keep it out of the way of other things. Unfortunately, just like any trampoline on the market today, there are some disadvantages to the rectangular shape. The biggest downside to this option is the high risk of danger than its round counterpart. The smaller spring size of round trampoline allows for lower tension levels and lower bounces, making it a more ideal option for smaller children.

If you are in the market for a trampoline, be sure to do some research and find which one will meet your needs, while providing optimal performance and safety for all.

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  • Good job!!! Also, I have rectangular trampoline and I do a 1 hour trampoline workout called ‘bounce’ and it is so much fun. Amazing exercise, and because it’s fun the time flew.

    Daniel Henry

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