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The Best Trampoline Exercises

The Best Trampoline Exercises

If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your workout routine to NASA level, then you’re going to love this article by Walt Pickut for livestrong.com. As it turns out, NASA loves trampoline exercises, or rebounding exercises. The type of “running” or “dancing” you can do on a trampoline or rebounder gives you a lot of added benefit that you just can’t get from traditional running and dancing. By taking advantage of the force gravity puts on you, while not stressing your joints the way traditional running can, working out on your trampoline or rebounder is going to provide you with benefits that you just can’t get any other way. Read the full article here for all the details.

The Trampoline Workout

Written by Jodi Helmer and reviewed by Jennifer Robinson, MD for webmd.com, this article provides you with a fun and relatively simple rebounding exercise routine that will have you feeling healthy and getting there while you’re having fun. These exercises aren’t complex at all and can be done on either a small rebounding mini trampoline, or your full size trampoline. The additional bounce of the trampoline surface makes these exercises low impact on your joints and forces you to keep your core tight as well. You’ll find muscles you didn’t know you had after this workout, but you’ll probably never find a routine that’s as much fun. Get all the details when you read the full article here.

Tone and Tighten with a Rebounding Six Week Workout

Whether it’s the cool weather or the hot weather of summer that might make you forgo your workout, there’s a way you can have a great workout that doesn’t require you to leave your house. In this article by Claire Bates and Yinka Thomas for dailymail.co.uk, you’ll get a fabulous six week work out plan that has you using a mini trampoline, or rebounder. The exercises are easy to do and will give you great results that seem impossible until you consider that with every movement you do, you’re getting the added pressure of gravity helping you burn just a bit more. The article gives you a full breakdown of which exercises to do when and how many to do as you go through your six week program. Start your road to better health the fun way by reading the full article here.

Trampoline Fitness: Can You Bounce Your Way to Better Health?

Personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Tamara Grand writing for life.gaiam.com, gives you the ins and outs and downright fun times that can be had when training on a rebounding mini trampoline. While one does need to be careful when using any new piece of equipment, the overall stress on your joints will actually be minimized by using a mini trampoline. Another benefit of exercising on a mini trampoline, is the fun factor. A study that followed women who were generally sedentary but started an exercise routine using the mini trampoline found that while the workouts were just as physically demanding as any other type of exercise, the women perceived it as easier. Find out why by reading the full article here.

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