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Top 3 Family Valentines' Day Ideas

Top 3 Family Valentines' Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is all about showing the ones you love that you love them. For families, this can be even more fun as you help your children find fun and creative ways to show their loving feelings. We know it can be hard coming up with creative ideas, so we scoured the net to find our top three favorite articles to give you all the inspiration you’ll need to have a fabulously fun family Valentine’s Day.

#1: Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

In this article by Kelly Ladd Sanchez for, she gives us some awesome ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids. From some super special decorating, to creating a fun Valentine’s Day meal, there’s some fabulous ideas to help everyone in the family get involved and enjoy the day. Our favorite recommendation was to start a tradition on this Valentine’s Day where each member of the family says one reason why they love each of the other members. Enjoy all the great inspirational ideas by reading the full article here.

#2: Sweet Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Joy Howard, Debra Immergut and Deborah Way writing for have some totally fabulous ideas for having fun craft time with your kids this Valentine’s Day. While anyone can go to the store and buy those little Valentine’s cards for their class, church or club, you can help your kids create some really special Valentine’s that will really show how much they care for their friends and teachers. From yummy and sparkly cookies on a stick, to sweet little shark cards that open into hearts, there’s a ton of ideas for making wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone. There’s no need to stop there though, because decorating for the day can also be tons of fun for the whole family. Whether you like the heart garland, or you want to create a heart filled “sky” on the ceiling, there’s some great ways to add a bit of love into your decorating. Get all the awesome ideas by reading the full article here.

#3: 15 Fun Valentine’s Day Family Traditions

The folks at have some great ideas in this article on how to really express the intention of Valentine’s Day. Considering that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day that’s dedicated to letting the one’s we love know just how important and special to us they are, it’s surprising how trapped we can get in all the hoopla and forget the real purpose of the day. This article suggests that this year, we scrap the expensive gifts and standard fare and figure out some ways to really express our feelings with the people that mean the most to us. A heartfelt letter of appreciation or some homemade Valentine’s will warm hearts quicker than that box of chocolates at the store. Will your kids be at school? Then pack a little note of love into their lunch. Do you and your spouse feel like you never have any quality time together? If so, you might try giving each other homemade coupons for back rubs or foot rubs. Get all the awesome ideas for creating new traditions at your home by reading the full article here.

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