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Top 3 Indoor Family Activities

Top 3 Indoor Family Activities

When the cold wet weather keeps you inside, that doesn't mean you have to sit around and watch TV, or worse yet, sit around feeling bored. Indoor winter time can be fun family time if you just look for opportunities and get some ideas from others who have been there and done that and found some great secrets to enjoy that time. That’s why we went to the net to find some great articles on how you and your family can make indoor time fun time. From forts to mazes, and cooking to crafts, there’s a lot of options out there for helping everyone have fun when you’re stuck inside. Are you little ones too small for board games or cards? That’s ok because we found some articles that deal specifically with wee ones who need a little more action to keep them entertained. We think the great information we found in these articles will give you so many fun things to try and do this winter that you’ll be able to keep everyone at home busy and having fun for the whole season.

#1: 17 Great Indoor Games and Activities

Do your little ones fall into the toddler or pre-school range? If they do and you’re trying to come up with some fun indoor activities to keep you all busy during the long winters, then you’ll love this article by Isadora Fox for From marshmallow tinker toys made from marshmallows and pretzel sticks, which let you create some fun structures and then eat them when you’re done, to creating some fabulous greeting cards for grandparents, there’s a whole host of activities you can do with your little ones that will keep you all busy and having fun until it’s time to go out and play again. Get all of the fabulous fun inspiration by reading the full article here.

#2: Top 10 Rainy Day Activities

From building forts to creating your own family film night, this insightful article posted on gives you all kinds of ideas for family friendly activities to do indoors when you’re faced with inclement weather. Whether you play hide and seek, some board games or have a family dance party, there’s lots of ideas that will appeal to both you and your kids. Find your favorite fun things to do by reading the full article here.

#3: 11 Fun Activities for When Winter Weather Traps You Indoors

If the cold weather is keeping you from your favorite outdoor activities, keep the boredom away by getting some great ideas from this article by Sara Lippmann for She entertains her little ones with lots of options including reading, making little mazes on the floor with cushions for them to work through and creating some music with whatever you have at hand in the kitchen drawers. There’s lots of great ideas that will help you and your little ones stay entertained and excited all through the winter. Check out all of her fun ideas by reading the full article here.

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