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Top 5 waterslides

Top 5 waterslides

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#1Verruckt – The First Launch

If you’ve ever wondered what the maiden voyage on the record breaking Verruckt water slide was like, then you’re in luck because Schlitterbahn Development Group took a few GoPros and produced this video of the very first rides down this incredibly terrifying water slide. We really get a sense for just how steep and fast this ride is from the video, and when you see it, your thrill seeking heart will be pounding and you’ll be buying your ticket for the next ride. With so many cameras, we get every angle and almost feel like the water is splashing through your screen. Check out the full video here.

#2 Wild Wadi, Tantrum Alley 1st person View, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, UAE

As if the exotic location of Dubai wasn’t enough, this video by Guillaume P. Boppe takes you on the incredible Wild Wadi water slide at Tantrum Alley. Though the riding configuration looks like it’s fraught with potential disaster, the slide provides lots of cooling wet fun all the way down. With just enough thrills and relaxing moments to make it a great trip, this fun video will have you asking yourself if a trip to Dubai might just be in your future. See the full video here.

#3 Atlantis Nassau Bahamas Leap of Faith Water Slide POV with GoPro

In this video by Ulleisure, we get both a full speed and slow motion version of this incredibly steep water slide at the Atlantis resort in Nassau. At first it doesn’t look so scary until you really get a feel for just how straight up and down this slide is. Thank goodness for the cage surrounding it or a person could easily fall out. The last part is in a glass tube that actually goes under the water of the receiving pool and seems like we are buried in the water. Terrifying and terrific, for the full effect, watch the video here.

#4 L2 Worlds First Double-Looping Waterslide

If you’re a thrill seeker, then you’re going to like this video by JS Filme, where he takes us inside the world’s first double-looping waterslide. Built essentially like a large tube, this ride literally opens a trap door and drops you into the looping wet speeding darkness for the most awesome several seconds of your life. The interview and documentary style of this video does nothing to alleviate the absolutely terrifying nature of this totally fun water slide. See the full video here.

#5 Insano Beach Park Fortaleza

Holy Cow, and probably some other colorful ideas, will be coming out of your mouth when you see this terrifying video by Alexandro Simioni, of his incredible water slide ride at Insano Beach Park Fortaleza. Set to the theme from the old Mission Impossible series, the music really seems to fit the seemingly impossible nature of this water slide. How is it possible that people don’t just fall out? How can you make that kind of a straight down drop so quickly and not injure yourself? Well, we still aren’t sure, but our intrepid videographer seems like he’s having a great time and appears no worse for the wear at the end of his wild ride. See the full video here.

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