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Top 5 Workouts to do on a Trampoline

Top 5 Workouts to do on a Trampoline

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With the New Year comes the New Year’s resolution and on most people’s list is getting healthier and losing weight. That’s why we searched the internet for our top five picks for trampoline exercising articles to help you achieve your fitness goals.

#1: How to Lose Your Tummy with Trampoline Exercises

In this article Nicole Vulcan writing for, gives us a great exercise routine to do on a trampoline or a mini trampoline that will help get you in shape. She gives us step by step instructions from warm up to the main routine to cool down that will get you on track for achieving great health while having lots of fun. Exercising on the trampoline is fun and easier on your joints than running on asphalt or concrete. It’s something the whole family can enjoy and if you’re using a mini trampoline you can even do it while you’re watching television. For all the details, read the full article here.

#2: How to Exercise Your Thighs on a Trampoline

If getting your thighs in shape for summer is on your winter activity list, then you’ll love this article by Catherine Field for In the article, Catherine gives us a full routine to do on our backyard trampoline, or our mini trampoline that will make our thighs shapely for summer. From a full warm up routine, and then full exercise session to a full cool down routine, you’ll have everything you need to get yourself into rock solid shape for summer swimsuit season. Check out all the details by reading the full article here.

#3: How to do Fat Killer Cardio on a Trampoline.

In this video posted by Thomas Tadlock, we get a full visual example of how to do an amazin

g cardio work out on your trampoline, rebounder or mini trampoline. He gives us some great safety tips as well to make sure we won’t get injured during out work out. By doing this work out on a trampoline we save our joints the drastic impact we would receive if we were doing these exercises on hard ground. The interval training Thomas gives us uses fast bursts of steam for short amounts of time that really get your heart rate up and your muscles worked hard. Check out the full video here to start your great new cardio workout.

#4: Trampoline Exercises for Weight Loss

If regular exercising seems boring to you, then you’ll love this article by Danielle Clark writing for, where she shows us how to use our trampolines or mini trampolines to get some great work outs in while also having fun. Even running in place is more fun on a trampoline and it works your body out in a gentler way. Get your next favorite exercise routine started by reading the full article here.

#5: The Best Trampoline Exercises

From the simple jumping jog to the vertical elevation dance, Walt Pickut writing for gives us some fun exercises to do on the trampoline that will get us in shape in no time. He also gives us the scientific breakdown of why doing exercises on a trampoline are so much better for you than doing them on a hard surface. Get all the details by reading the full article here.

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