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Top Safety Tips for Trampolines

Top Safety Tips for Trampolines

If you’re one of those lucky enough to have a trampoline in your backyard, it’s always a trick to combine the fun you can have, with safety precautions to make sure your day of fun doesn’t end with a trip to the emergency room. There’s no reason you can’t be safe and have fun and we’ve found some great articles that teach you how to do just that. You’ll want to make sure to take the advice by some experts and ensure that your family can have a great time on your trampoline and be safe while doing it.

5 Tips for Trampoline Safety

Written by Jennifer Acosta Scott and medically reviewed by Pat F. Bass III MD, MPG for, this article gives us the top five things to keep in mind when trying to ensure your family’s safety on your trampoline. Being safe on a trampoline is often just a matter of common sense, though there may be some items listed in this article that may not have occurred to you. Today’s trampolines come with safety measures that weren’t available a few decades ago, but they go a long way to ensuring you and your family can have a great time safely while jumping around. One of the suggestions that seems obvious, but is something we see every day, is to make a one jumper at a time rule. While double jumping is fun, having two people jumping may stress the weight limit of the trampoline and if the jumpers get overly rambunctious, could lead to injury. For all the great tips on having fun safely, read the full article here.

Follow Trampoline Safety Tips to Protect Children and Adults

This article posted on, has some great safety tips for ensuring that your trampoline fun time is also a safe time. From where to place your trampoline, on soft springy ground with no trees, brick fences, or clotheslines within at least eight feet of it, to making sure you have a tall safety net and the proper padding to completely cover the springs, this article has a wealth of information to will help you and your family stay safe while enjoying your trampoline. The article also has some statistics on potential injuries that you’ll want to take note of and negate where possible. Get all the great advice by reading the full article here.

Tips for Trampoline Safety

This article by teacher, Stacy Zeiger, for, she encourages us to make sure our backyard trampolines are as safe as they can be before letting our family jump on them. She states that enforcing the one jumper rule, as well as no toys or balls on the trampoline may seem strict, but by doing these things, you’ll reduce the possibility of injury greatly. In addition, the article suggests that no wild tricks be allowed as landing the wrong way can also create injuries that would spoil everyone’s good time. You’ll want to read the full article here to get all of the important safety information. 

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