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Why Playing Outdoors Makes Kids Smarter

Why Playing Outdoors Makes Kids Smarter

Older generations that were thriving before the onset of technology had much different ways to stay entertained and keep busy.

The most common one was simply playing outside. From going to the park, enjoying evening bike rides, or playing baseball with a few of their friends, there were a plethora of ways kids enjoyed the outdoors for hours on end.

Today however, the 21st century has created a new generation that is continuously plugged into something and involved with technology. Unfortunately, all this technology can greatly limit a child's mind and their ability to learn. Here are some of the benefits that kids can get from being outside and being more active.

Physical Health

The more active a child is outside, the more fit they will be physically. By getting them to play outdoors more often, you can greatly increase the effectiveness of their immune system. From making them stronger and healthier through physical fitness to getting them exposed to the local air that may contain allergens, this can all help your child be a healthier boy or girl.

A High Functioning Mind

While physical fitness and health is incredibly important, giving them the ability to expand their mind and learn new things and think differently is invaluable.

Playing outside more can dramatically increase a child's creative thinking skills and imagination. The sky is literally the limit when a child is thinking up new games and new experiences in the outdoors, and it will help them transition better into school later on in life as well as providing them with some fantastic ways to stay busy and entertained.

Exposing them more to this multi-sensory activity will give them a much different physical, mental, and emotional stimulation than they can get from playing around inside the house or from watching television. With no rules or spatial limits, a child's mind can run free as they can create anything when they have a high functioning imagination.

Playing outside can also improve a child's overall attention span when it comes to interacting with adults and their peers. If they are playing outside with their friends, they become better and more well-rounded with their social skills, which only lead to positive things in their future endeavors as they grow up.

Helps In the Classroom

With play outside comes an increased attention span and better ways to problem solve and come up with new solutions to ideas. If a child is simply in front of the TV or the screen for hours on end, they will not develop an open mind that helps them solved problems with the traditional pen and paper.

By having them think for themselves in the outdoors, you can transition that into thinking for themselves in the classroom.

These are just a few of the many benefits of getting your kids outside more often and can help them develop into better adults in the long run. 

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