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World's Coolest Trampoline Tricks

World's Coolest Trampoline Tricks

Are you looking for fun new tricks to do on your trampoline? If so, then you’re in luck because we searched the net for some super fun articles and videos that show you how to do some of the most amazing tricks that you might not have thought of before. Some of them are easier to master than others, but if you practice and stick with it, you will eventually be able to perform some of the really complex tricks as well.

Two Guys Perform Incredible Flipping Tricks on a Set of Trampolines

This video and article posted by Kaylin Pound on is absolutely astounding! If the triple and quadruple flips don’t get your attention, the fabulous way they filmed this sequence surely will. The video shows you what is really possible with practice and talent. If you look at the bottom of the video you’ll also see a link to check out the behind the scenes video. The talent of these two is simply amazing and if you’re trying to up your trampoline game then this video will definitely give you something to shoot for. As always, make sure you practice safely. See the whole video and read the entire article here.

A Guide for Trampoline Tricks

Whether you’re a trampoline enthusiast or a gymnast in training and trying to perfect that trick before you attempt it on the floor or another piece of equipment, you’ll want to read this article by Jennifer Resultan for The article explains how to do several different types of flips that enthusiasts and gymnasts alike will want to master. From the front flip to the Aerial, which is a cartwheel done without using your hands, and more, this article will explain how to do several types of flips that are fun to do and will impress your friends. Get all of the great info by reading the full article here.

Trampoline Tricks

Trampolines can be fun for the whole family. Are you looking to improve your acrobatic or gymnastic skills? Maybe you just want to have fun on your backyard trampoline and impress your friends from time to time. No matter what gets you out on your trampoline, chances are once you get started, you want to improve and do more exciting and complex tricks. If this sounds like you, then make sure you read this article by Aarti R for The article gives you information on how to perform a variety of both beginner and advanced trampoline tricks. Not only will you learn what can be done, you’ll learn how to do it. Of course, as with any skill, getting these tricks just right will take a lot of practice, but that’s definitely the fun part. Jumping on your trampoline and doing tricks can be very addicting and is a great form of exercise that combines a lot of activity, with a lot of fun. The article cautions us to always remember to be aware of safety. Read the full article here. 

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