Upper Bounce Strap Net Fits 14Ft. Diameter Frames With 3 Arched poles

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howtomeasure.pngThis net fits trampolines that have a 14 foot frame diameter and have a 3 arch safety enclosure system. Make sure your are selecting the correct net by first measuring your trampoline frame. This is properly done by placing a tape measure on top of the trampoline, directly through the center, and measuring from the outside edge of each side of the frame. Refer to the 'How to Measure' page by clicking on the button on the right if you would like more detailed instructions.

Fits 3 Arched Pole Systems

Fits 3 Arched Pole Systems

arch-straps.jpg 4arch1.jpg



Fits These Trampoline Models (Among Others)

  • Bounce Pro Model #'s: TR-146STS-ENC, TR-146STS-GN
  • Skywalker Model #'s: SEW14N, STCW14N, STW14N
  • Parkside Model #'s: TR-14-Ft-Com,TR-14-Ft-Combo,TR-14-Ft-Combo (Black)
  • SportsPower Model #'s: TR-14-Ft-Com,TR-14-Ft-Combo,TR-14-Ft-Combo (Black),TR-146STS-ENC, TR-146STS-GN
Please make sure you are buying the right size safety enclosure net for your trampoline! Measure your frame from one outside edge vertically & horizontally to the other outside edge so you get the correct measurements. Call 888-682-2364 if not sure and we will be glad to help you get the right net!!