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Net And Pad Combo For 15 Ft Round Frames With 8 Poles Or 4 Arches-YJNYJP-IS-15-8

  • $170.95
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Replace Those Worn Out Parts With This Net And Pad Combo From JumpKing!

This net and pad kit will fit your trampoline so long at the following is true.howtomeasure.png

  • The frame on your trampoline measures 15 feet from outside edge to outside edge. Click on the link on the right for more detailed measuring instructions.
  • Your trampoline safety enclosure system has 8 poles or 4 arches. The poles and arches can have various shapes and will still work with this kit. The pictures below show some of the enclosure systems that this kit will fit.
  • The net on your safety enclosure system must attach with straps. New straps are included in the kit.


Fits Models

  • Jumpking Model #: JK1511, JKXT15
  • Jump Pro Model #'s: TR-15-B-J-N, TR-15BJ-EN & TR-15BJ
  • Jump Zone Model #'s: TR-6001-180L4, TR-6001EN-180L4, YSLJZOG1015
  • Lifestyles Model #'s: LSEX15, YJFR15
  • Skywalker Model #'s: SAU15G09, STSC15GE, SPTC15G
  • Sportspower Model #'s: TR-15-B-J-N, TR-15BJ-EN & TR-15BJ