Net And Pad Combo For 15 Ft. Round Frames With 8 Poles Or 4 Arches

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Save Money With This Net And Pad Combo Pack From Upper Bounce!

This net will fit your trampoline if it has the following characteristics:


  • Your trampoline frame must measure 15 feet in diameter. This is measured from outside edge of the frame to the opposite outside edge. Please click the link on the right for detailed measuring instructions.
  • Your trampoline safety enclosure system must have 8 poles or 3 arches. The shape of the pole or arch is not important. Please review the pictures below for examples of safety systems that will work with this kit.
  • Your trampoline safety net must attach to your pole or arch with straps which are included in the kit.

Fits 4 Arched Pole Systems

Fits 8 Straight Pole Systems

Fits 4 Arched Pole Systems

Fits 8 Angled Pole Systems

arch-straps.jpg inside-pole.jpg 4arch1.jpg isnet-angled-pole.jpg


Fits These Trampoline Models (Among Others)

  • Jumpking Model #: JK1511
  • Jump Pro Model #'s: TR-15-B-J-N, TR-15BJ-EN & TR-15BJ
  • Jump Zone Model #'s: TR-6001-180L4, TR-6001-180, TR-6001EN-180L4, YSLJZOG1015
  • Propel Model #: PTA-15
  • Skywalker Model #'s: SAU15G09, STSC15GE, SPTC15G, STSC15RE
  • Sportspower Model #'s: TR-15-B-J-N, TR-15BJ-EN & TR-15BJ