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Jumping Surfaces

Trampoline Jump Mat

The most common mistake people make when ordering a new Jumping Surface is they measure the wrong thing.  To determine the correct size of Jumping Surface, YOU NEED TO MEASURE THE FRAME, NOT THE JUMPING SURFACE!!  So, for example, if you measure your frame and find it to be 14 feet in diameter, then you need to order a 14 foot jumping surface.

As you know, a Jumping Surface has little v-rings sewn in along the edges.  This is what the springs attach to.  There must be 1 v-ring on the Jumping Surface for each spring hole in the frame.  So count the total number of spring holes in the frame. 

Finally you will need to measure the length of one of your springs.  Please take off one spring so it is not stretched out, and then measure it from the tip of the hook to the tip of the hook.   Use the 3 pieces of information you collected to enter into the 'Refine By' filter boxes above.

Trampoline Jump Mat

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