Net And Pad Combo For 14Ft 4 Pole Top Ring Enclosure System-YJNYJP-TR-14-4-G

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Trampoline Net And Pad Combo Kit howtomeasure.png

This net and pad combo package will fit trampolines with the following specifications:

  • Your trampoline frame must be round and measure 14 feet in diameter. Please see the "How To Measure" link to the right for detailed measuring instructions.
  • Your trampoline enclosure system must have 4 poles with a top ring. This top ring is made up of fiberglass sections that form a circle once snapped together. This top ring is then fed through a sleeve sewn into the top of the net. This ring then snaps into a plastic cap on top of each pole. See the pictures inside the red box below for a graphic representation of the top ring enclosure system.
  • The frame pad included does not have holes in the outer edge for the enclosure poles to slide through. If you need the 4 holes and have the 14Ft top ring enclosure system then this would be the correct combo package.



Fits The Following Trampolines

The net and pad combo will fit the following trampolines:
Bazoongi: BZ1409E4
Jumpking: JK1413 and JKCB1405 models.
Orbounder: OR1413, OR1413B, OR1413B6, models.

What is included

  • 14 foot 4 pole top ring net.
  • Ropes for fastening the net to the bottom of the trampoline
  • A Sleeve sewn into the net to secure the top
  • 14 foot frame pad in blue, green or purple.

The top ring, called the G4 Pole Set is sold separately. You can find that product HERE.