Net And Pad Kits For 15Ft Top Ring Enclosures

The net and frame pad kits shown on this page have been assembled to fit your 15 foot diameter trampoline with the top ring enclosure system.  We have kits for 4,5,6 and 8 pole top ring systems.

Top ring enclosure systems use a series of flexible rods that snap together to form the 'Top Ring'.  Before connecting the final ring piece to form the circle, the ring is inserted into a sleeve sewn into the top of the net.  Once assembled, this ring, now holding the net like a drapery on a drapery rod, is placed on top of your 4, 5,6,or 8 enclosure poles and snapped in place into your pole cap.  (Not included.)

Please make sure that your trampoline frame measures 15 feet in diameter.  This is properly measured by placing a tape measure through the center of your trampoline and measuring the frame from one outside edge to the other.

You also have 2 choices of frame padding, with or without enclosure pole access holes.  Please inspect your old pad to see if it had holes in it for your enclosure poles to pass through on their way to the frame connection.

Enclosure Type   Net Attached To: Frame Pad Included   
4-poletr.jpg top-rng.jpg jpppad.jpeg


5-poletr.jpg top-rng.jpg ubpad10.png ordernowub.png
top-rng.jpg jpppad.jpeg ordernowjk.png
6-poletr.jpg top-rng.jpg ubpad10.png



top-rng.jpg jpppad.jpeg


8-poletr.jpg top-rng.jpg ubpad10.png ordernowub.png
top-rng.jpg jpppad.jpeg ordernowjk.png