Upper Bounce Jump Mat for 12 ft Frames With 72 5.5in Springs - Free Spring Tool

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  • Upper Bounce Jumping Mat is especially designed to fit 12 FT. Trampoline Frames of all brands and models, with 72 V-Rings using 5.5In Springs.
  • Upper Bounce Trampoline Jumping Mat features ultra-durability through its premium Polypropylene Mesh Material.
  • Our Jumping Mat also provides extra security with its 8 row stitching thus guaranteeing the mat from tearing.
  • Upper Bounce High Quality Jumping Mat is guaranteed to be UV & water resistant, offering you a safer long-lasting fun investment!

Fits Trampolines With The Following Characteristics:

  • 12Ft Frame Diameter (Measured from outside edge to outside edge of the metal frame)
  • 72 V-rings (Total of 72 springs)
  • 5.5in Springs

Fits The Following Model Numbers (As Well as others with the characteristics listed above.)

  • Bounce Pro Model #'s: TR-12-SF-FLZ, TR-188COM-LT, TR-126COM-FLX-KM
  • Parkside Model #'s: TR-12-T, TR-126U-FLX
  • Skywalker Model #'s: SEW12N, SPTC12G, STCW12B, STCW12N, STCW12RE, STW12N, SWTC1200,S SWTC12-03SAM, SWTC1211, SWTC1213, SWTC1214, TJN1200
  • Sports Power Model #'s: TR-126COM-GLZ, TR-126COM-KM, TR-188COM-LT, TR-12-T, TR-12-T(V2), TR-1262-COM, 1209C, TR-12-COMBO, TR-126COM-FLX-KM, TR-126COM-GLZ, TR-126U-FLX, TR-126COM-GLZ
  • Variflex Model #'s: 148736