12 Ft 6 Pole Net And Pole Cap Combo Kit For Skywalker Trampolines

  • $88.95
  • Save $25

Fix Up That Old Skywalker Trampoline With This Net And Pole Cap From Upper Bounce!

Tis net and pole cap kit will fit Skywalker trampolines that are 12 feet in diameter and have the 6 angled pole enclosure system. Please refer to our How To Measure page for further measuring instructions. This kit includes everything you need to install the net on your Skywalker, including the pole caps. These pole caps allow a net that attaches with straps at the top to be used with your trampoline. No more fooling around with those caps and screws! Please look at the information below to make sure you have a 12 foot skywalker with the 6 angled pole enclosure system.



Fits These Trampoline Models (Among Others)

  • Skywalker Model #'s: SWE1291, SWT1291, SWTC1200, SWTC1201, SWTC1203, SWTC12-03SAM, SWTC1211, SWTC1213, SWTC1214, SWTC1291, TJN1200