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Free Shipping to lower 48 states for orders over $50

Strap Nets For 12 Ft Straight Pole Enclosure

The nets found on this page will fit trampolines that have the following characteristics:

  • The frame on your trampoline MUST measure 12 feet in diameter.  Please look at our How To Measure page for instructions on how to accurately measure your frame.
  • These replacement nets attach to the top of your trampoline with straps that are sewn into the net.  These straps fasten to the top of each vertical pole, usually to a pole cap.  You can see an example a pole cap in the chart below.
  • We have nets for 4, 6 or 8 pole systems you can pick from below.
Type Of Enclosure How Net Attaches  
12-4is.png  poleconnect.png


12-6is.png  poleconnect.png


12-8is.png  poleconnect.png


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