Jumpking Net Fits 14Ft. Diameter Frames With 4 Arched poles

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howtomeasure.pngThis Jumpking replacement net fits trampolines with a 14Ft diameter frame that have the 4 arch enclosure system. Make sure the frame of our trampoline measures 14Ft from outside edge to outside edge. Be sure to measure in a few different places as trampolines can get a little out of round over time. Your trampoline must also have 4 arches as shown in the above pictures. The arches can be of various shapes, just make sure there are 4 of them for this net to fit properly. The net attaches to the top of each arch with 2 straps that are sewn into the net. On the bottom the net attaches to the v-rings on the jumping surface with ropes that come with your new net.





Fits These SpecificTrampoline Models but will also fit any 14Ft diameter trampoline with the 4 arch system as described above.

  • Lifestyles Model #: LSEX14
  • Skywalker Model #'s: SPTC14G, STSC14RE