14 Ft 6 Pole Net And Pole Cap Combo Kit For Skywalker Trampolines

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Net And Pole Cap Combo Kit For skywalker 14Ft 6 Pole Trampolines

Spruce up your 14Ft Skywalker with this net and pole cap kit from Upper Bounce. This kit includes all new pole caps that have a d-ring molded into them to allow nets that attach with adjustable straps to be used on your trampoline. Now you don't have to fool around with those caps with the bolts! Also, because you can now use an adjustable strap net you will be able to easily make adjustments to keep your net taught.



Fits These Skywalker Trampoline Models

  • Skywalker Model #'s: SWTC1400WS, SWTC14-01SAM, SWTC14-03SAM