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40In Round Spring Cover Pad For 6 Legs

40In Round Spring Cover Pad For 6 Legs

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Upper Bounce Trampoline Safety Pad is a must to have to ensure your family's safety!

Trampoline Replacement Pad ensures that you, and your family do not get pinches and scrapes. Upper Bounce Trampoline Safety Pad protects the jumper from falling on the steel frame or getting hurt from the springs.



  • High Quality and durable Safety Pad with 250g PVC on Top, 110g PVC on bottom and 4.5mm foam thickness
  • Top Quality Manufactured
  • Fits very neat on the trampoline.
  • Elastic rubber band all around the safety pad on top and bottom to keep it firm and steady around the trampoline frame.
  • Holes on the outer flap of pad so you can put the trampolines legs through it.
  • Fits 38 Inch Round Frames of all Brands
  • Pad Width: 5"

Fits these (and more) Trampolines

  • Pure Fun Model #'s: 9003MT, 9005MTH
  • Tohama Model #'s: FOMI-0040B