Net And Pad Combo For 12 Ft Frame With 4 Pole Top Ring Enclosure-YJNYJP-TRJP-12-4

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Save Money On This Net And Pad Combo Lit From Jumpking!


This kits fits 12 foot diameter trampolines with the 4 pole top ring enclosure system. You can see detailed measuring instructions here. Please review the pictures below which describe the 4 pole top ring system before ordering. The pad included in this kit has 4 holes evenly spaced along the outside edge of the padding. These holes allow the enclosure poles to connect directly to the frame. The picture of the pad shows these holes. If your current pad does not have these holes, or you don't need them, you can see the kit without the 4 holes here.


**Note: If you have an Orbounder trampoline with 5.5In springs (Measured from tip to tip of hook) then you should use this Kit instead.

Fits Models

Bazoongi: BZJP1206, BZJP1206 Combo

JumpPod: Bazoongi: BZJP1206, BZJP1206 Combo

All our enclosure nets are made with 100% polypropylene.

Please note: 12' Enclosure G3 POLE SET sold separately.

Determine the size of your trampoline by measuring the diameter of the trampoline frame. Take the measurement from the outside edge of one toprail to the outside edge of the exact opposite toprail. Be sure to take two measurements in different locations to confirm your size.