Net And Pad Combo For 12 Ft. Round Frames With 8 Poles Or 4 Arches

  • $143.95
  • Save $35

Spruce Up Your Trampoline with This Net And Pad Combo From Upper Bounce!

This pad and net combination will fit your trampoline if it meets the following criteria:howtomeasure.png

  • The frame on your trampoline measures 12 Feet in diameter measuring from outside edge to outside edge. See our "How To Measure" Page for measuring instructions.
  • Your trampoline enclosure system has either 8 poles or 4 arches like any of the pictures shown below.
  • Your net attaches to your poles or arches with straps.

Fits 4 Arched Pole Systems

Fits 8 Straight Pole Systems

Fits 4 Arched Pole Systems

Fits 8 Angled Pole Systems

arch-straps.jpg inside-pole.jpg 4arch1.jpg isnet-angled-pole.jpg




Fits These Trampoline Models (Among Others)

  • Exacme Model # EXACME 12 FT Trampoline
  • Ultega Model # Ultega 12-Foot Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net
  • Frugah Trampolines Model # 5450-T002A
  • Pure Fun Model # 9012TS, 9012T
  • Kidwise Model # KW-JFT-12-TSN-G
  • Skywalker Model #'s: SPTC12G, STSC12RE