Net And Pad Combo For 8 Ft. Round Frames With 4 Poles Or 2 Arches

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Save A Little Time And Money With This Net And Pad Combo!

This combinations set will fit trampolines that have the following characteristics:howtomeasure.png

  1. The outside diameter of the trampolines frame must equal 8 Ft. (Measured from the outside edge of the frame to the opposite outside edge.)
  2. The safety enclosure system must have either 2 arches or 4 poles like any one of the pictures shown below.
  3. The net must attach to these arches or poles with the included straps.

Fits 2 Arched Pole Systems

Fits 4 Straight Pole Systems

Fits 2 Arched Pole Systems

Fits 4 Angled Pole Systems

arch-straps.jpg inside-pole.jpg 4arch1.jpg isnet-angled-pole.jpg

Upper Bounce Trampoline Enclosure Net is a must to have to ensure your family's safety!freeship.jpg

Now you can enjoy your jumping experience knowing you are fully protected with this high quality weather-proof enclosure net and protecting you from any accident.


  • Net features a perfect height which gives a 100% assurance of keeping a person safe inside while jumping!
  • Ensures maximum safety by connecting the Net between the pad and jumping mat.
  • Highly durable Terylene-Quality Safety Net
  • Easy to install
  • Dual closure entry with zipper and buckles
  • Flexible and Adjustable


  • Net width 6 FT
  • Net Height 65"

Fits Trampolines With The Following Specifications:

  • Trampolines with a 8FT frame diameter. (Outside edge to outside edge)
  • Enclosure systems with 4 Straight Poles Or 2 arches

Fits These Trampoline Models (Among Others)

  • Skywalker Model #'s: STSC8RE
Please make sure you are buying the right size safety enclosure net for your trampoline! Measure your frame from one outside edge vertically & horizontally to the other outside edge so you get the correct measurements. Call 888-682-2364 if not sure and we will be glad to help you get the right net!!