Upper Bounce Strap Net Fits 15Ft. Diameter Frames With 4 Arched poles

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howtomeasure.pngTrampolines with a 15 foot diameter frame and a 4 arch safety enclosure can use this net as a replacement. This net will work for all 15 foot diameter frame with the 4 arch system. The net attaches at the top with sewn in straps and at the bottom with clips and rope, all included.

Fits 4 Arched Pole Systems

Fits 4 Arched Pole Systems

arch-straps.jpg 4arch1.jpg


Fits These Trampoline Models (Among Others)

  • Jumpking Model #: JK1511
  • Jump Pro Model #'s: TR-15-B-J-N, TR-15BJ-EN & TR-15BJ
  • Jump Zone Model #'s: TR-6001-180L4, TR-6001-180, TR-6001EN-180L4, YSLJZOG1015
  • Propel Model #: PTA-15
  • Skywalker Model #'s: SAU15G09, STSC15GE, SPTC15G, SAL15G09, SAU15701, SWTC1591BT, SST15G, SSE15G, SWTC1501, SWTC1503, SWTC1591
  • Sportspower Model #'s: TR-15-B-J-N, TR-15BJ-EN & TR-15BJ
Please make sure you are buying the right size safety enclosure net for your trampoline! Measure your frame from one outside edge vertically & horizontally to the other outside edge so you get the correct measurements. Call 888-682-2364 if not sure and we will be glad to help you get the right net!!