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POD Connector Cap for JumpPOD Trampolines

POD Connector Cap for JumpPOD Trampolines

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Fits Model #'s: BZ1509T BZJP1206 BZJP1406 BZJP1506 JK1413 JK14TR12-7205 JK1511 JK15P
JKCB1405 JKCB1505 LSTX15 OR1213 OR1213A OR12COMBO-60 OR1413B YJWS15

Please note: This cap is designed ONLY for use on our JumpPod Units that have our unique BIG T Connector features. (JP1514, BZJP1506, BZJP1406 & BZJP1206). These are to be used when the enclosure system is not installed on the trampoline unit.

We highly recommend that a trampoline enclosure system be installed before using a trampoline in order to increase the safety and enjoyment of the product.

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