Upper Bounce Straight Pole Strap Net Fits 15Ft. Diameter Frames With 8 Poles

  • $91.95
  • Save $34

howtomeasure.pngThis net will fit 15Ft Trampolines 8 pole enclosure systems. This net attaches to the top of your enclosure pole to the plastic cap. Manke sure your plastic cap has something the strap can connect to. See the picture below for an example of a pole cap with the required connection point. Pole caps are not included in with this net.

If you have a 15 Ft Skywallker Trampoline with the 8 angled pole enclosure then you should be looking at this net.




Fits These Trampoline Models (Among Others)

  • Jumpking Model #: JK1511
  • Jump Pro Model #'s: TR-15-B-J-N, TR-15BJ-EN & TR-15BJ
  • Jump Zone Model #'s: TR-6001-180L4, TR-6001-180, TR-6001EN-180L4, YSLJZOG1015
  • Propel Model #: PTA-15
  • Skywalker Model #'s: SAU15G09, STSC15GE, SPTC15G, SAL15G09, SAU15701, SWTC1591BT, SST15G, SSE15G, SWTC1501, SWTC1503, SWTC1591
  • Sportspower Model #'s: TR-15-B-J-N, TR-15BJ-EN & TR-15BJ
Please make sure you are buying the right size safety enclosure net for your trampoline! Measure your frame from one outside edge vertically & horizontally to the other outside edge so you get the correct measurements. Call 888-682-2364 if not sure and we will be glad to help you get the right net!!