The Ultimate Rebound

The Ultimate Rebound

  • $423.95

The Ultimate Rebound™ fitness package includes:freeship.jpg

3 FREE gifts with purchase:
1. The Custom Carrying Case ($35 value)
2. Airport Pull Dolly ($40 value)
3. Al Carter's World Lecture CD ($10 value) FREE for a limited time.

'BIG' News: "Biggest Loser" TV program just purchased 8 Quarter Folds for their participants.


Our most innovative and convenient Quarter-Fold design. This revolutionary model is constructed with the latest in composite polymer materials used in aircraft and performance car engines. Stronger yet lighter than metal frames. The legs unlock and fold, stowing perfectly into the frame. The frame folds twice to fit inside the custom carrying case. The case fits the durable pull dolly for the ultimate in convenience and portability. Health club quality at an in-home price. Excellent for demonstrations, traveling physical therapists or for those who want the state-of-the-art of Rebound Exercise equipment. Built to last decades of regular use. There is no need for a spring cover! The high caliber, wide belly springs are protected and integrated in the frame itself! Aggressively tested at 300 lb user weight. However, the lifetime warranty covers ALL components for all users up to 400 lb on this Quarter Fold model,

The Ultimate Rebound™. Our famous All-Component Lifetime Warranty and Free Wear and Tear Replacement is included.